What is Rendering?
Rendering is a smooth external application to your house. After removing all existing render back to original brick work, we apply a 4 in 1 mix of plastering in lime. All of out mixes are a lime render making it unique to other types of render. The additional lime added to the render allows for a smooth texture, making an elasticated consistance, which is prone to less cracking after the material dries and hardens giving more strength to the mix. This is applied skillfully with a trawl then floated and finish to a smooth look. All of our cement and lime render mixes have waterproofer make it a water proof finish.

1. Hack off all damp and existing render or pebble dash from property. 2. Apply 3 x coats of sand and cement with a lime render mix. 3. Paint render using sandtex paint. Customers choice of colour.
Webster Pebbledashing and rendering are also skilled exterior painters, using high quality branded material such as santex or dulux which come with their own 15 year guarantee and a selection of colours to choose from.
After your initial call to us, an appointment is made where we come and view the property and advise on the work that is needed to be done, bringing to light any cracks or maybe damp patches. We then show you a variety of finishes and colours and a quotation is sent to you within 48 hours on our initial visit. Upon acceptance of our quotation a firm date is fixed to commence
the job and you will be given a completion at that point. The process of our work is as follows:


Before we can put the exterior coating on a house, we have to prepare all surfaces, by hacking off all the old plaster and pebble dashing and take it back to the original brickwork, ensuring that no signs of damp or salt show. This process is carried out to ensure that the residual 'salts' do not climb above new plaster in the future. We then apply a scratch coat of sand and cement, followed by a second coat when the stones of your choice are thrown. At Websters we use all the finest materials so that we never have complaints of dampness or cracking. Amongst our materials we use Mastercrete Dust PVA glue, SBR Glue and every mix we add the best waterproofer. We supply and erect all our own scoffolding which is included in your oquotation and work under all health and Safety Regulations. Finally we are a friendly Enviromentally Friendly, recycling all waste materials.



What is k-rend?
K-rend is a silicone range which in-corporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. The silicone technology imparts a high degree of water re-pellence to the render surface whilist allowing water-vapour to pass through the render and let the sustrate breath. There is no need to paint k-rendering as it comes in a wide range of 24 colours. To apply a phrase 2 scratch coat of polymer render, you are assured of less crackage and your house will completely water-proofed. This method is ideal for older buildings or houses and the finished look is outstanding.



What is pebbledashing?
Pebbledashing is a widespread exterior coating that will last a number of years. It consists or cement mixed with sand and pebbles and this basic method has been used for many years. A large amount of exisiting houses have an old pebbledash finish, which may have cracks and damp patches and therefore the exterior of the house needs to be renewed. Pebble-dashing has the ability to protect the external walls of buildings from all extremes of weather has always appealed to architects and builders who want a long lasting and attractive appearance that will extend the life of their building.


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